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Nov 30, 2008

Zac Efron & Joe Jonas & Chase Crawford


Anonymous said...

yes finally. oh dam these turn me on

Anonymous said...

Very good fakes ! Zac Efron and Joe Jonas together is a very good idea !

J.D. said...

omfg i luv u.

Anonymous said...

Joe Jonas: Mom likes Zac cause he helps me with my singing lessons. Tonight we're practicing the oohs and ahs and ohs!
Mrs Jonas: (mom yelling from downstairs) Honey are you two boys okay?
Zac: Yeah Mrs. Jonas. Joe is doing a great job.
Mrs. Jonas: Now you boys have a good time up there. Okay?
Joe: I am having a real good time, mom. Goodnight!

alex said...

Zac:Joe sub your dick up my ass.
Zac:No condum.
Zac:I wait juices up my ass.

straight said...

i wanna fuck em they giet me in the mood im so horny

Anonymous said...

ok so i would suck his dick so much every chance i got i would suck it and getting fucked by him is my dream