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Apr 23, 2008

Justin Berfield


Moonlight said...

Thanks so very much for listening to my requests! What do you search to find the Justin Berfield fakes, I never can find 'em? Thanks!

Celebs Fake said...

To: Moonlight, i'm tell you a thing, to find these pics OMG it's so dificult but if you want the site add me in msn and i'll tell u! ok?


Say something bye!!!!

PS: Ah and you like the template of my site? XD

Moonlight said...

Alright, I've added you, and yes, I love the template of your site.

Moonlight said...

Oops, I forgot to tell you mine:
it's psycho_freak_4eva@hotmail.com
Hope to talk soon!

Anonymous said...

Justin: After Malcolm was cancelled, I got an undying, hard-on and you guys really turn on, the new Reese. Yeah!